Small (up to 20 lbs)
Medium (20-60 lbs)
Large (60-100 lbs)
X-Large (100+ lbs)


Tubby Time

  • Includes coat specific Shampoo & Conditioning, Blow Dry with coat spray to enhance shine and help with detangling, Brush Out, Nail-Trim and Ear Cleaning and cologne.
  • Small - $40
  • Medium - $45
  • Large - $50
  • X-Large - $55


  • Includes everything in a Tubby Time plus De-shed, Facial Hair Trim, Sanitary Clip and Paw Pad Trim.
  • Small - $50
  • Medium - $60
  • Large - $70
  • X-Large - $80


  • Includes everything in a Tidy-Up plus a luxurious haircut according to the breed standard or your personal style.
  • Small - $60
  • Medium - $70
  • Large - $80
  • X-Large - $90

*Our schedules here at the spa are fairly fluid.  Some dogs take longer and some less time.  If we get done early with a dog, we will often reach out to you to see if you can come in sooner for your appointment.  Dogs from the same family can be dropped off together at the same time and hang out at the spa together.  

The receptionist will call/text you 15 minutes prior to us finishing up services to give you time to head over, check out and pick up your pup.

A fee of $25 will be added if your dog has to remain at the spa longer than an hour from your pick-up call unless arrangements have been made with us prior to the day of service(s).


De-matting $15
Ear Cleaning $10
Nail Clipping/ Grinding $15
Paw Pad Trimming $15
Teeth Brushing $10
Sanitary Clip $15
Anal Gland Expression $15
Hair coloring/stenciling Subject to breed and design request
Pawticure (nail slip & paint) $25
Flea Tubby $8
De-skunk Tubby $8
Hydrotherapy Tubby $1/minute (minimum 15 minutes- 0# weight limit)
Extended lounge fee $8 per hour over the spa treatment time